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Richard Lewis

Richard Lewis

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A Burdyko and a Gameshow, Two Places Where Money Would Never Flow

The Game Show Global eSports Cup Season 1 for Dota 2 had a first prize of $125,000 for the winners,

An Abduction, Threats, and "Lost" Money, A Russian Esports Story

It’s January 17th, 2019. Maria Mavrekh, a former marketing director of the esports ICO “Play2Live,” is walking home on what

The Ellie-Fant In The Room: Why We Should Never Forget This Particular Overwatch Embarrassment

By now the dust has settled on another embarrassing chapter for both the Overwatch League and the mainstream gaming press.

Second Wind Sent "Ellie" Check Request to Blizzard Before Christmas Break

A recent controversy unfolded in the Overwatch Contender scene surrounding the acquisition of a female player to the roster Second

Game Developers Should Stand Firm in Taking Control of Their Title and Tournaments

Well, it actually happened. After almost a month of escalation, finally it seems the Chinese government has intervened to ban

Alex Garfield Set To Acquire Loaded And Catalyst, Will Merge Into One Agency

Sources have informed VPEsports that former Evil Geniuses and Alliance founder Alex Garfield has made a move to purchase two

Exclusive: Recording of Meeting Regarding Contenders Surfaces, Confirms Downsizing

Today saw rumors surrounding proposed plans of Blizzard to make large cutbacks to their Overwatch contenders league--the semi-professional league that

Opinion: Counter-Strike’s Love of Trash Talk Is A Great Thing… But Don’t Take Liberties

Trash talking in sports is an art-form. Really. When used correctly it’s a psychological weapon, a way to get under

Richard Lewis at the ESIC, "Money flooding into sports has, naturally, brought with it corruption at all levels"

I was recently asked to appear at the Annual General Meeting of the Esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC). For those that

Threats of Violence, Utilities Turned Off, Police Called To Azio Esports Teamhouse

Aspiring esports organization Azio lost their Counter-Strike team on Oct. 10th and in the aftermath managed to disgrace themselves in

Ninja Might Very Well Be The Face of Gaming But He Is Not The Face Of Esports

So, you’ll have seen that ESPN Magazine broke new ground recently by taking the world’s number one streamer, Tyler “Ninja”

See No Evil, Hear No evil, Speak no evil; The Gaming Media’s Wise Monkeys And Riot Games

On the 7th August Kotaku published an article titled “Inside The Culture of Sexism At Riot Games". It collated the experiences