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Radoslav "Nydra" Kolev

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  • Reports: LPL looking to add more teams in 2020, buy-ins at $11.6M minimum

    LPL, the Chinese League of Legends circuit, will likely grow to 17 or 18 teams by 2020. The news comes

    LoL Patch 9.13 launches Qiyana, buffs Sylas, nerfs Sona and Pyke

    League of Legends Patch 9.13 is coming and is bringing in a lot of changes. The biggest one for most

    When is Teamfight Tactics launching in your region

    As promised, Teamfight Tactics, the auto chess mod developed by Riot Games, is coming to League of Legends clients worldwide

    The LCK Telecom War returns this week, but the hype seems all but gone

    Every major region in every major esport has its defining rivalry and in Korean League of Legends — in fact, in

    TheShy: "There’s no way to win against [the new Mordekaiser] if your opponent plays him well."

    After a rather disappointing campaign at MSI 2019, Invictus Gaming are back to competing in the LPL. With Song "Rookie"

    Despite waning viewership, Teamfight Tactics is still destroying Underlords on Twitch

    Teamfight Tactics had an incredible launch day on the PBE. With over 210,000 players tuning on Twitch on its first

    Fnatic are still undefeated after three LEC weeks

    Fnatic are making up for their poor start to the spring split and are currently on an undefeated 6-0 run

    One of Fnatic's and G2's win streak will end tonight

    On the foothills of its third week, the LEC is standing in anticipation of one of the most hyped match-ups

    StarCraft: Remastered is getting an official cartoon mod

    This isn't an April Fools joke, nor is it yet another fan mode for the game. Carbot Animations — the creators

    Worlds 2019 dates and venues announced: Berlin, Madrid, and Paris

    Riot Games announced Thursday the date, venues, and schedule for the 2019 World Championship. Set to tour Europe, Worlds 2019

    LGD's LoL manager, on-stage host comment on recent matchfixing debacle

    LGD Gaming's League of Legends team came into bad light yesterday after LPL officials issued temporary and lifetime bans to

    SKT's gut-punching losing streak in the LCK continues

    SK Telecom T1 are not having a great summer split. The reigning LCK champions have now lost four games in