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  • STORIES BY drifter
  • A Magnus, Chaos Knight and Tiny combo that destroyed Vici Gaming

    In spite of having a great early game, Vici Gaming lost a 12,000 networth lead and Team Spirit never backed

    Insane 85 minutes comeback by Invictus Gaming against HellRaisers

    Tonnes of buy-backs, die-backs, Roshan kills but the most epic of all, courier steals! This game had it all. Just

    Geek Fam's 8 Slotted Morphling destroyed by Chaos' Drow Ranger

    A dominating performance by Raven's Morphling wasn't allowed to win by YawaR's Drow Ranger's 9 seconds Gust and Nullifier. Watch

    Record breaking Invoker performance by iG.Emo

    Zhou "Emo" Yi destroyed paiN Gaming with 15 kills in 16 minutes while breaking several records and displaying one of

    TNC win WESG SEA grand finals against an unbelievable last game by 496 Gaming

    TNC Predator (Philippines) won the Grand Finals by 2-1 in which 496 Gaming (Vietnam) were almost capable of winning the

    Patch 7.22 - the most successful heroes: Analysis and stats

    The data below is from the matches played between 24th of May 2019 and 31st of October 2019. Only the

    How TNC finished Gambit in a thrilling 3-2 series victory

    Outstanding tournament win rate, history and records mean nothing when it’s the Grand Finals! This is the game analysis of

    TNC destroys a double Divine Rapier Gyrocopter

    It’s true – when everything is going your way, you can even fight a tornado. TNC had a good early game, great mid

    Game of the day: Flawless execution by Alliance against Demon Slayers secured their tournament victory

    A beautiful coordination by Alliance and a strong fight back by Demon Slayers, this is the game analysis of the

    Game of the Day: Amazing late game recovery by Demon Slayers against J.Storm

    A game where draft advantage was almost the same, this is the game analysis of an amazing comeback by Demon

    Game of the day: Almost an epic comeback by Demon Slayers against Team Liquid

    This is the game analysis of an almost epic comeback by Demon Slayers during the group stage of DreamLeague Season