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Photo: xQc Twitch

While Respawn Entertainment has done a good job of keeping the game clean, they can’t stop it all. In a recent stream from Félix “xQc” Lengyel, the popular streamer and Overwatch professional got to capture a cheater at work.

While playing Apex Legends, xQc and his team had been taken out with relative ease by a particular player and decided to stick around and check it out.

While spectating the player in question, it didn’t take long before it became apparent they were not legit.

“Dude I’m not kidding, I lost 140 health while strafing,” xQc said. “I got one clipped!” his teammate responded.

After intense laughter from Lengyel and his squad, he began to comment on the absolute unnatural nature of the shots. “He’s tracking through the walls, dude!”

Although certainly funny to watch xQc’s reaction, being on the other side of those shots certainly isn’t very fun. Cheaters are a problem for almost every online game and Apex Legends is not an outlier.

Respawn has shown that they are committed to doing their absolute best to try and prevent an overrun by such players and will be punishing those found to be using any such cheats.

Have you come across any cheaters? Share your clips with us on Twitter at @VPEsports.

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