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It’s been desired since the games release, yet many thought it may never come. Solo and/or duo modes may be making their way to Apex Legends – but with a twist.

While many fans had started to gain more faith with the recent claim from Respawn Entertainment that “one of the most fan-requested features since launch” would be entering the game, there was still some skepticism. This should help alleviate some of that.

According to “That1MiningGuy” there’s a new setting in the games’ files titled “no fill.” This feature is enable in other games as well and allows teams or solos to set themselves a player or two down by choosing the option which elects to leave the empty spot(s) unfilled.

This feature would of course mean players could drop into games as a solo and go up against duos and full teams. That1MiningGuy claims that while this could happen, the game will first attempt to fill the lobby with other solos or duos before adding others.

So while not the typical solo/duo mode, it does give the possibility to have some one on one or two on two battles more consistently. It will of course depend on just how many players elect to play under this game mode.

That will itself be impacted by whether or not those modes are allowed in ranked play. It’s more likely that the standard three person team will be the default and perhaps only ranked mode.

There’s currently no release date on this feature and as always, nothing is official until it’s officially announced or added by Respawn Entertainment.

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