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Photo: shroud Twitch

If you’re a big fan of Michael “shroud” Grzesiek and think you share a lot in common, you may not be looking forward to the next Apex Legends character anymore.

The popular Twitch broadcaster shared his thoughts on the character during a recent broadcast. shroud was a part of the crew who were able to playtest the game before anyone else knew about it and was a big part of helping the developers get the right feel.

A former Counter-Strike professional, shroud is known for his insane mechanical ability and skill. Typically becoming a star in whatever first-person shooter it touches, his opinions are typically considered valuable.

Wattson, the expected next Legend to join the games’ ranks was one of many Legends shroud had the opportunity to test. During last nights stream, shroud shared that he “hated it,” when asked whether or not he liked playing Wattson.

He ended up elaborating and taking a slightly less firm stance by stating “I didn’t hate it, I just didn’t like it. That’s all. It’s like me playing Caustic, I just don’t like him.”

He’s previously shared that he didn’t think too highly of the new Legend, but hadn’t used words like hate or don’t like before.

During a broadcast, at the start of May, he stated, “All I can tell you about the next legend is that it’s not going to be that sick. It’s going to be cool, but it’s not going to be that sick – that’s all.”

While this didn’t exactly get fans excited, it wasn’t a direct knock on the Legend either.

Our thoughts on it? Just wait and play Wattson for yourself and make a decision then. People have different playstyles and enjoy a variety of different abilities characters may have.

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