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Just how detailed is Apex Legends? Down to the ammo. That’s right, Respawn Entertainment, the game’s developer has confirmed that specific ammo types have different properties that impact the game.

While there wasn’t a full breakdown, Sean Slayback, a Senior Designer deemed “The Weapons Guy” in his own Twitter bio did confirm a couple aspects that quite interesting.

Prompted by a tweet from a community member, the companies CEO Vince Zampella called on Slayback to provide some details regarding differences in ammo type.

According to Slayback, all ammo types share some common ground. Pointed out in particular was that all ammo types “will slow enemaies down when you hit them.” Now when it comes to specific ammo, Energy ammo was the focus. “Energy ammo projectiles aren’t slowed by drag and have the fastest flight velocity in each weapon class,” he explained.

While the initial question referenced whether or not Light ammo shreds armor at a quicker rate, all Slayback said was that this is not the case for Energy in that it “doesn’t have extra breaking power.”

Whether or not these qualities will impact what weapon ou choose to pick up is probably slim, but it’s definitely a fun fact and could play a role in the game and style of play at some point.

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