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Apex Legends was thrust into the spotlight by surprise when Respawn Entertainment released the titled on February 4. Now it seems the tables have turned as the games developer was relatively blindsided by its success.

According to Respawn Entertainment CEO Vince Zampella, the company “didn’t expect it to be as big as it was,” and that’s become obvious.

Members of the community have been crying out for more content, practically begging for anything to play for and communication has been practically non-existent in that regard.

“We’re still figuring out internally what the cadence of content has to be and how we support it. We’ve been a little dark because we’re kind of figuring out internally what we have to do,” Zampella said during GamesBeat Summit 2019. Timestamp for Zampella in the below video is 4:44:37.

“I think we need to start engaging fans better. We were good at the start, we kind of fell off as we were fighting fires and working on the game and now it needs to come back,” Zampella said in regards to the lack of communication lately.

Contrary to the comment about still trying to figure how how often they want to introduce content, he explains the “seasonal cadence” is still their main focus in terms of how content comes out and fans won’t be too thrilled about that at this time.

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