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Data miners haven’t been sleeping on finding what’s going on in Apex Legends. New leaks have come out from several sources regarding a new “Hoverbike” that is in the works by Respawn Entertainment.

According to game files uncovered by “@ApexGameInfo“, the vehicle is currently being worked on by developers and currently in a stage where the devs themselves are testing it.

With details regarding spawning and how the physics system applies to them already in the files, one could assume it should be sooner rather than later that we are able to cruise around in Kings Canyon.

According to “@RealApexLeaks” on Twitter, the vehicle will be able to carry a full squad of three with two passengers and one driver.

And as stated before, the devs are actively working on the project, marking several files as “todo.”

The game released to a majority happy crowd with many praising how complete the game was upon release. Respawn doesn’t plan to lay low though and has already released a roadmap to the game.

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