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With the recent leak of two new weapons found in the game files, more leaks have come to light. The latest haul from the data miners came up with some new legendary weapon skins for the recently found weapons.

The weapons titled HAVOC and L-STAR EMG are categorized as an energy rifle and light machine gun respectively. The weapon stats were provided as well, giving us a glimpse into the power of the weapons.

While there aren’t photos accompanying the leaked skins, a full list of names can be found below for each of the new weapons:


  • The Warrior’s Way
  • Poetic Justice
  • Apex Hyperdrive
  • Alien Invasion


  • Quantum Chaos
  • Sonic Empire
  • The Dragon’s Head
  • The Silver Storm

No photos provided or found doesn’t mean they’re not there though. The L-STAR had been a part of the Titanfall franchise, making an appearance in Titanfall two. In the photo below you can see Bloodhound holding a gun that looks very similar to the L-STAR grabbed from Titanfall 2.

(Photo: Dexerto)

If you’re normally pretty suspicious of leaks, this one seems to be coming together nicely and may be worth a second thought.

You can check out the full weapon stats below:

In addition to the weapons, the names and possible abilities of some new Legends have been leaked as well.

You can find out more about Octane, Wattson, and maybe some others here:

LEAKED: New Legends Coming to Apex Legends?

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