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According to a report from GamingINTEL, we now know the tentative release date for the previously leaked L-STAR gun.

Information recovered by the site claims that the light machine gun will be available on March 2, 2019. This is based on the fact that the Havoc was released on February 20, with a 20 being signified in the below leak while a 30 is next to the L-STAR. Given February only has 28 days, people are rolling it up over to March 2. This could, of course, be totally unrelated to the actual release date and until the weapon is officially announced and/or released nothing is official.

The recently released Havoc energy rifle was found in the same batch of files in which the L-STAR was originally discovered. The new leak shows the two within the games files.

The L-STAR light machine gun is shown to deal 21 to the body, once again being multiplied by two for headshots to make it 42. This weapon will carry 60 rounds and while packing a stronger punch per hit, will fire at a slower rate than the previously broken down HAVOC. Additional details can be found in the screenshot below:

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