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Leaks have become more common, especially in the battle royale market and it appears Apex Legends is no different. A website called Rez has provided leaks regarding two new weapons which will be making their way into the new and ultra-popular battle royale from Respawn Entertainment.

The weapons titled HAVOC and L-STAR EMG are categorized as an energy rifle and light machine gun respectively. The weapon stats were provided as well, giving us a glimpse into the power of the weapons.

The energy rifle will deal 18 damage per shot to the body which is doubled to 36 damage when hitting the head. It will hold 25 rounds by default and have an automatic and single shot mode. The other details provided lead us to believe the rifle is relatively well balanced in terms of other features including accuracy, the rate of fire, etc.

In terms of attachments, data miners have uncovered that the HAVOC will be able to use the Selectfire and Turbocharger. Six different optics will be compatible with the energy rifle along with three stocks.

The L-STAR EMG light machine gun is shown to deal 21 to the body, once again being multiplied by two for headshots to make it 42. This weapon will carry 60 rounds and while packing a stronger punch per hit, will fire at a slower rate than the previously broken down HAVOC.

Currently, there is no information regarding attachments for the new LMG.

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