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Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends battle royale has launched to booming success. The first day of the game peaked at 495,000 viewers on Twitch and almost a week later, Apex is not losing tempo. The game remains the most watched title on the platform and at the time of writing, more than 200,000 are tuned in. The number is 50,000 higher than League of Legends’ 150,000 as the second most watched game and double that of Fornite’s, with Epic’s battle royale sitting at #3.

More and more people are streaming Apex Legends too. Data website TwitchTracker recorded some 4,000-odd channels broadcasting the game on its launch day and the number has since more than tripled.

This rise in popularity follows the massive boom in player numbers. Just eight hours after it launched, Respawn CEO reported that 1M players have joined the game. A day later, the number was up to 2.5M and on the third day, it had grown to a staggering 10M. This beat the record of battle royale market leader Fornite, which took two weeks to reach that number.

Though Apex Legends’ meteoric rise is boosted by the already developed interest towards the battle royale genre and Respawn’s marketing decision to use Twitch’s biggest personalities to promote the game, it is a noteworthy feat nonetheless. Next week, Feb. 12-19, the game will also have its first tournament where 48 players, including the likes of Shroud and DrDirespect, will take part in a $200,000 Twitch Rivals race.

Although Apex is still behind Fornite’s total player numbers, which reportedly sat at 200M in November, the fact the interest is growing is only good for Respawn. CEO Vince Zampella has promised this is “only the beginning” a few months from now, we could realistically see numbers that rival that of Epic Game’s genre king.

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