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In these early days and weeks of Apex Legends, records will be broken and we’re not just talking about viewership or players. However, the higher they go the harder it will become and they are already hitting some pretty huge levels. Below we share the record holders for PC Trio and Solo kills.

When you think about the fact that a total of 60 people jump from the plane and 3 of them are in your team, getting 41 eliminations is relatively insane. That is exactly what the trio of ssjfpsTV, ItsScubby, and SHAAFFER did. Leaving only 16 players of the 60 fall to someone else’s bullets.

Lucky for us, they provided a clip of the moment popped up on the screen.

41 eliminations for a trio is a feat in itself, but how about 33 kills to one player? Dizzy, a member of NRG Esports blew us away with that. The player pulled off 33 kills by himself and provided the screenshot to prove it. Dealing a massive 5376 damage, the player shattered the world record for most kills in a game.

The game is already drawing much attention as a potential esport title that the biggest organizations will want to get in on with the likes of NRG, Rogue, TSM, and others already advertising their interest in grabbing skilled players.

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