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The VALORANT closed beta is officially over and the full release of the game is set to go live in just a few days on June 2nd. While there may be some things coming we’re not aware of, Ryan “Morello” Scott, Character Design Lead for VALORANT has shared some details.

The Riot Games employee stated that the release will see the addition of an 11th Agent, a fourth map, more balance updates, fixes for both hit registry and FPS, alongside some specific changes to the Agent Omen.

FPS issues have been a big talking point as of late with many complaining of a lower average FPS than previous builds of the game as well as severe dips in performance at seemingly random times including microstutters.

Little is known about the unreleased map and agent, however, the map will most certainly be welcomed. Many have complained that the game only have three maps left a lot more to be desired but were willing to overlook it as a beta. With the game going live, it’s hard to believe many would have accepted only three maps without plenty of not so kind words. A fourth map will satiate the masses for a bit, but it still seems a bit low and Riot will need a fifth map within a few months.

In terms of Omen, Morello states that his smoking ability will be getting a targeting update and his ultimate and blind abilities will apparently be seeing some improvements as well. No additional details were provided and the targeting update could mean a number of things given how the Omen smokes work in terms of reach, height, how they drop onto the map, etc.

Riot and the fans of VALORANT are hoping for a smooth release and they’ll find out if their dreams will come true in just a few days.

What do you think of Riot releasing their new first-person shooter so quickly?

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