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Two days have passed since Riot Games announced the Patch 1.10 alongside the Act III of VALORANT, which brought a new battle pass, a new map (Icebox), new skins, and some other adjustments.

From that moment, the game has presented several bugs, errors, and problems in general.

Even before the new version was released, Riot Games announced on Twitter that they found a “rare” audio bug on all maps, but still, they proceeded to launch it since they wanted to start testing the new map.

But issues did not stop there. The very same day, VALORANT developers knew that in some regions, players were not able to purchase in the game.

The developers quickly confirmed that they were working on fixing the bugs, and actually did it, according to some new tweets, but apparently, there were more bugs that we didn’t know about.

That is why a few hours ago, we had the next announcement:

A micro-patch has been implemented to solve the problems above, so loading times are improved, errors are fixed, and sound problems are gone… hopefully, problems are over!

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