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Riot Games is being quite active recently in terms of new stuff coming to VALORANT. This week we have known about their very first own tournament, First Strike, and yesterday they published a new edition of their “Ask VALORANT“, where they have opened the doors to a “left-hand mode“, talked about gameplay balancing, and gave us some skin updates.

Regarding the skin updates, we have two different news to share here:

G.U.N., the 1960s Sci-Fi skin

G.U.N Skins Set – Riot Games

G.U.N. stands for Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster. This insane set of skins will be available for VALORANT the upcoming September 30th, coming together with the launch of Patch 1.9.

The design is inspired in the 50-60s science fiction, and its typical “futurist” forms and colors, and will be available for the next guns: Classic, Bucky, Spectre, Operator, and Knife.

We will have three color variants by purchasing the whole set, which includes the five skins mentioned above and a gun buddy. Remember that if you spend some Radianite you can upgrade these skins with new sounds and animations!

Each skin of this “retro” set will cost 1.775 VP ($19.99), and the price of the full set is yet to be confirmed by Riot Games.

These are the revealed designs for each weapon!


Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster G.U.N. nueva skin armas Valorant PC Riot Games


Bucky. - Valorant


Spectre. - Valorant


Operator. - Valorant


Cuchillo. - Valorant

Gun Buddy


Smite Skins: good looking, good prices

Valorant Smite Skin Leaked - EarlyGame

This electric skins set has just arrived at VALORANT. This set is now available at the store, after having being leaked last week with the release of Patch 1.8.

This collection brings to the game a modest design based on blues and whites to give the guns a lighting strike appearance. As they have “easier design and effects”, their price is also more accessible for those players that might not have the chance to buy expensive skins.

Every gun skin will cost 875 PV (around $9.99), except for the knife skin, which will cost 1750 VP (19.99). For the full set, we will have to pay 3500 VP ($39.99).

The guns that have received these new skins are Classic, Judge, Phantom, Odin, and Knife.

Let’s see how they look!











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