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One of the biggest problems for the players in VALORANT is the insufficient control of the smurf accounts, that make some games impossible to play, and that is probably one of the most frustrating things when trying to climb in the ranked games.

Riot Games has always claimed to be aware of this problem, and how the players feel about that, and now, in the last blog post ‘Ask VALORANT’, the videogame company gave us an explanation about how they are battling this issue.

According to Ian Fielding, VALORANT Senior Producer, the smurf accounts will be quickly boosted to harder matches and higher ranks in Competitive games, that is the ongoing solution, but they are also working “behind-the-scenes” on a “system for Unrated as well as one that applies to Iron through Diamond ranked players”.

It is impossible to know if we will get rid of the smurfs soon, but at least we can know that Riot Games is working on this problem (or they are conscious of it).

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