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100 Thieves have officially completed their new VALORANT lineup. The organization has signed Peter “Asuna” Mazuryk and Quan “diceyzx” Tran formerly of Immortals as the final two pieces to the puzzle.

The two young guns will join veteran CS:GO professionals Spencer “Hiko” Martin, Joshua “steel” Nissan, and Nick “nitr0” Cannella. Asuna has experience in the Valve first-person shooter as well having played under Triumph prior to his decision to move to VALORANT. Dicey had been a player many had been making note of since the beginning of VALORANT due to his high level of play.

Dicey had been the star of the Immortals lineup prior to this move and is expected to be one of the big fraggers for his new team alongside Asuna. According to Hiko, the goal is to take the young up and comers and develop them into super stars. “The two kids are going to be duelists most likely and then me, nitr0, and steel will be supporting around the two children.”

He also stated that as of late he’s been acting as the team’s Sova player as the roles for the squad get a little bit of a shake up due to their new plans and additions.

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