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Riot Games pauses the NA LCQ over COVID concerns

The LAN qualifier is postponed until further notice and Riot is looking to make it fully online

NA VCT Last Chance Qualifier postponed at least 12 days, will be held online

There is a small break before the event resumes.

NA VCT Last Chance Qualifier postponed until further notice

With COVID issues galore, Riot has decided to postpone the event.

Arsenal football club owner looking to start a VALORANT team

The new team will be based out of Los Angeles

Nitr0 on NA VCT LCQ server issues: ‘We were having problems throwing our utility out’

It's not a good look for Riot.

NA VCT Last Chance Qualifier matches postponed again

Just when you thought it couldn't get worse.

Team Envy acquires VALORANT coach Chet from TSM

A new seat in the Envy coaching chair.

Rise vs. FaZe match at NA LCQ has reportedly been canceled due to conflict over playing conditions and COVID tests

Rough start to the final NA VCT event of the year.

G2 hold off spirited Futbolist at EMEA VCT Last Chance Qualifier to climb one step closer to Champions

G2 advance to meet the winner of Guild and Team Liquid on Oct. 16.

VALORANT producer says dev team is ‘very down’ to implement ‘safe version’ of a block list

No amount of in-game shields can protect VALORANT players from toxicity. But something else might.

VALORANT player highlights Killjoy line-up on Fracture

Think twice before sticking the defuse.