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We’re deep into the 2018/19 Dota 2 Pro Circuit season and we’ve just seen the qualifiers for MDL Disneyland Paris, the next Major stop on our circuit, complete. But one thing that I’ve noticed this season is how Southeast Asia still only gets TWO qualifier spots.

(The views in this post are merely a personal opinion. The use of the term “tier one” should not be taken as a professional rank – but merely as a way to explain things easily).

We are quickly approaching the fourth Major of the season and looking through the 15 qualified teams I see one huge discrepancy – Southeast Asia only has two teams. As I look back through the previous Majors of this season, I notice it again and again and again – and have to ask why? Why does a region with such a huge Dota 2 professional community only get two regional spots at the Majors while North America is gifted three?

My argument here begins in the game of Dota 2 prior to this season, when SEA were maybe not given the respect they deserved – when teams such as Mineski destroyed their opponents and won the Dota 2 Asia Championship. It was seemingly just them and Fnatic that made a stand in the region, but times change and it is clear that since last year, SEA Dota has been much stronger.

The likes of TNC Predator, BOOM ID, Tigers as well as Fnatic and Mineski clearly show the regions massive array of stars. Sure, not all these teams perform amazingly consistently, but they are always there, challenging for a spot in the top echelons. Yet SEA still has only TWO SPOTS AVAILABLE?

So, lets weigh them up against another region, North America, which is given three spots for each Major. Just from rankings we see a big issue here – while only two SEA teams appear in the top 10, there are also 2 NA teams – however, how much would this change if SEA were gifted the third qualifier spot over NA? This argument does boil down to speculative results, but then we look at the way in which SEA teams have performed over NA teams.

The SEA Dota teams have consistently beaten most of the NA Dota squads, except Evil Geniuses for the most part. So, with essentially only one “tier one” Dota team in the region, why is it that they get three qualifier spots? The CIS region, with what could be easily described as the best team in the world currently, Na’Vi (lol, no… I’m joking. It’s obviously, only get two spots. Yet North America has never been given less than three.

For the European and Chinese regions, the competition is fierce for the 3 spots available, and while the same teams do often feature, nearly all perform to that level at the Major.

I cannot find a single reason for NA to actually receive this “gift” of a spot when there is a vastly superior region for the most part. In my opinion, this needs to be quickly revised and we can see more SEA teams at Majors as they definitely deserve it.

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