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Teamfight Tactics is back in the top 3 of Twitch’s most viewed games after some rejuvenation through Patch 9.14. With a new hero, introduction of ranked play, and numerous balance changes, the interest towards the League of Legends autobattler skyrocketed again.

The viewership spike is not a small one either. In fact, overnight, TFT’s viewership numbers more than doubled, TwitchTracker reports. On July 16, TFT averaged 80,000 viewers and peaked at 139,000. After the launch of 9.14, the average is up to 182K and the peak — to an astonishing 364.8K. In a day, Twitch viewers consumed more than 4.3M hours, which are numbers comparable to Worlds 2018 playoffs.

The game is not only the third most watched on Twitch now, but is closing in on League of Legends (just 4K average viewers behind) and Fortnite (16K average viewers behind). If TFT keeps up the pace, it might now do what it failed to do last patch — dethrone Fortnite from the #1 spot.

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