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Huni on TSM winning strike: "We’re right at the start of cool things"

If there is any player in the history of professional League of Legends who has made his mark in almost

LCS teams reportedly asked Riot Games to lift the 'Imports Rule'

The North American LCS has always been a rather conflictive region where, despite the efforts of Riot Games, it seems

Perkz faces his First Final as a Cloud9 player against Team Liquid

Long we have talked about one of the most astonishing player movements we have ever had in the competitive League

LCS Final Rosters for 2021 Season

This year 2020 has been crazy in many senses, and the North American League of Legends Championship Series couldn't be

Everything you need to know about Team SoloMid 2021 LCS Roster

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Schalke 04 confirms 'Broken Blade' as the new Top Laner for 2021

One of the rumors that we have heard a lot during this year's 'Free Agency' season is that Sergen 'Broken

LCS Legend 'Doublelift' Announces his Retirement from Pro Play

Yilian 'Doublelift' Peng, the most iconic LCS player, living history of the North American League of Legends, has announced his

G2 Esports reportedly asking Cloud9 $5 million for Perkz

Recently, we have talked about many rumors concerning players, teams, and roster movements in general, and one of the firsts

Doublelift confesses he considered retiring alongside Bjergsen

We have just known about the retirement of one of the most iconic players of the North American LCS, TSM's

Bjergsen hangs the mouse to become Head Coach of TSM

Søren «Bjergsen» Bjerg, one of the most iconic mid laners of the North American LCS, announces his retirement after eight years

Fnatic and Gen.G eliminate TSM and LGD Gaming and qualify for Quarter-Finals

On the third day of the second round of the Groups Stage, Group C was to be resolved, and its

The LCK teams beat every LPL representative in Day 1 of Groups Stage

The Main Event of the 2020 League of Legends World Championship finally started today. The best teams in the world