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Jensen renews with Team Liquid for three years and 4.2 million dollars

While the transfers of players between teams are suspended until the official offseason begins, some teams are using their time

Bjergsen hangs the mouse to become Head Coach of TSM

Søren «Bjergsen» Bjerg, one of the most iconic mid laners of the North American LCS, announces his retirement after eight years

PowerOfEvil claims that NA is underrated, and feels confident about winning LCS Finals

Tristan "PowerOfEvil" Schrage is one of those classic names that everybody has heard of once in a lifetime if you

False alarm: Trump's prohibitions won't affect video game companies (for now)

Last night, the gaming community was puzzled at the news coming from the United States of America: President Donald Trump,

C9 Licorice: the story of a World-class top laner

Eric "Licorice" Ritchie is a well known League of Legends top laner that, at the age of 22, enters in

ESL Pro League's Eighth Season Kicks Off

Today marks the start of the eighth season of the ESL Pro League. The opening day will consist of nine