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New Revelations in The Open Conflict Between Monet and LGD Gaming

The Du “Monet” Peng - LGD Gaming drama is far from being over. Through the entire day, on this Monday,  both parties

Chinese Dota 2 Players and Personalities React to the Monet - LGD Drama

Soon after LGD Gaming posted their official statement regarding Du “Monet” Peng contract infringement, a couple of well-known players went

Monet Refuses to Honor his Contractual Agreements with LGD Gaming

LGD Gaming issued today, September 10, 2018 an official statement regarding the LGD Forever Young player Du "Monet" to LGD,

DDC TI8 Interview: “We didn’t really play to the best of our abilities and that’s kind of sad”

Leong "ddc" Fat-meng has been at his eighth The International this year. He didn’t miss a single edition of Valve’s

ddc - The One Without an Aegis

Our third player who has featured at every TI event to date and will be attending and participating in his

Pre -TI8 Shuffle Rumors: LFY and CDEC Might Merge, Yao to Coach the New Team

It’s been an absolutely horrible competitive season for two of the Chinese teams that otherwise were expected to have at

Thoughts on the LFY roster change

'Chiu on This' is a short and regular opinion blast This makes a lot of sense. The Chinese have always preferred

Inflame and LFY’s team manager Pan Fei talk about the sudden roster change

LGD Forever Young announced earlier today He “Inflame” Yongzheng’s return to the team. Inflame left LFY after a decent amount

LFY and Inflame will give each other a new chance - Ohaiyo out

After a failed trial by fire at the recently concluded Bucharest Major, LGD Forever Young decided to drop Khoo "Ohaiyo"

OpTic Gaming Upset on Day 1 at The Bucharest Major

The Dota 2 Pro Circuit rolled into the freezing capital city of Romania – as 16 teams were ready to fight

Ohaiyo Interview: "It wouldn't be wrong to say Eternal Envy was behind my termination from Fnatic"

In January 2018, Khoo 'Ohaiyo' Chong Xin was in the Dota 2 headlines, but not for the reason he would

Newbee Fight hard and Claim Qualification for DreamLeague Season 9

The final team to round up the 8 challengers for DreamLeague Season 9 was decided just a few moments ago