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Learning Artifact #7: What's virtual card advantage?

In the last "Learning Artifact" article, we talked about what "card advantage" is. We defined it as: A process by which

Learning Artifact #6: The basics of card advantage and how do we get it

Our "Learning Artifact" series of novice-friendly guides continues. Last week, we looked at using our tower hit points as a

Learning Artifact #5: Life as a resource

In the fourth episode of "Learning Artifact", I touched on the basic economy of the game covered by the mana

Learning Artifact #4: Basic economy (mana and gold)

Like every strategy games, trading card games (TCGs) are concerned with some form of economy management. In StarCraft, for example,

Learning Artifact #3: Understanding Midrange Decks

In our previous two articles, we covered the polar opposites of the archetype spectrum — aggro and control. Now, we turn