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BLAST Premier Fall Showdown: opening match-ups, schedule, & prize distribution

The BLAST premier Fall Showdown is set to begin tomorrow and we've got you covered with all the details regarding

FURIA look to replace HEN1 - report

FURIA is looking to replace Henrique "HEN1" Teles in the active lineup. This information comes out of a report by

Chaos look to leave Counter-Strike - report

Another North American organization is looking to make their exit as Chaos Esports look to move away from Counter-Strike. This

BLAST Premier Fall Showdown broadcast talent revealed

BLAST has revealed the lineup of broadcast talent for their upcoming BLAST Premier Fall Showdown and it should look familiar.

BLAST Premier Fall Showdown round 1 matches revealed

BLAST has revealed the first round match-ups for the upcoming BLAST Premier Fall Showdown event. The event will give the

CS:GO dying? Shroud backtracks & clarifies his thoughts

In mid-October Shroud shocked many of his veteran fans when he stated “CS is undeniably dying" during a live broadcast.

G2 sign NiKo, will evaluate "the team and it’s progress to determine the optimal line-up for each match"

G2 has officially revealed the signing of Nikola “⁠NiKo⁠” Kovač to its Counter-Strike division. The Berlin-based organization had been linked

Olofmeister to return to FaZe Clan for BLAST Premier Fall Series - report

Olof "⁠olofmeister⁠" Kajbjer is set to return to FaZe Clan for the upcoming BLAST Premier Fall Series. The information comes

CSGO star NiKo's move to G2 is nearly complete - report

Nikola "⁠NiKo⁠" Kovač is nearing a move to G2 Esports according to a new report from HLTV. This follows an

shroud: "CS is undeniably dying, and yet players are still getting paid like $40,000 a month"

In a recent livestream to his Twitch channel, Michael "shroud" Grzesiek didn't mince his words in terms of where he

BLAST Premier Fall Series groups & talent revealed

BLAST has announced the groups for the Premier Fall Series 2020 event. The tournament will take place from October 26th

IEM New York - North America reaches playoffs

IEM New York North America has reached the playoffs. Only six teams remain of the 12 initially competing as both