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  • Collegiate Esports Continues to Add Schools to the Ranks, Welcome Lackawanna

    Collegiate esports is growing at a frantic pace and has now has grown yet again with the addition of Lackawanna College's

    AVGL and DreamHack Announce Collegiate League of Legends Tournament

    The American Video Game League (AVGL) and DreamHack have announced the Collegiate League of Legends Tournament. The top two teams

    Mountain West Conference Partner's with ESP For Their First Ever Collegiate Esports Event

    The Mountain West Conference has just climbed into collegiate esports. With rosters consisting of 15 players each, the esports teams from

    University of Georgia Student Disqualified from Collegiate Starleague after being Caught Cheating

    Cheating is bad, and the good news is that it’s punished even in a collegiate esports league for amateurs. Impersonating another