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Valve addresses the Collector’s Cache drama and removes some of the submissions

TI10 Battle Pass owners were invited 10 days ago to cast their votes for this year’s Collector’s Cache content. A

Valve extend the TI10 Collectors Cache submission deadline

Back in February 2020, Valve released a call to arms for artists throughout the Dota 2 community to submit their

TI9 prize pool goes over 27M dollars courtesy of stunning 16 items sets of Collector’s Cache II

Heavily criticized for some of the features in The International 2019 Battle Pass, Valve redeems themselves with the release of

6 Puck and Lifestealer Collector’s Cache sets for a stylish infest bomb combo

Dota 2 emphasises the teamwork and more often than not people love to play it with a friend, be it

The 2018 Collector’s Cache has Arrived

The 2018 Collector’s Cache dropped last night and it contains fourteen subterranean themed item sets and an additional three much