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Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has made a second appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and this time from the comfort of his own home. The streaming sensations time on The Ellen  DeGeneres Show wasn’t quite ever yet after visiting the studio just days ago and this time Ellen got to see Ninja in his natural habitat.

Ellen talks to Ninja who appears on the screen behind her where he is playing Fortnite on his own computer where he is most comfortable with the game, unlike the console they played on when in the studio.

After informing Ninja that their previous video was trending near the top of YouTube she joked that she was really only there to nab some of his audience stating that “almost 350 million people have watched him play.”

You can find the full video below:


Quickly surpassing almost every record on Twitch for a standard streamer including followers, subscribers, and more, Ninja has found himself in a spotlight much bigger than just that of the Twitch and gaming world.

With 11 million Twitch followers and growing, Ninja continues to gain an audience and bring new players to the game with various appearances such as this one. Ninja has helped to speed up the process of bringing gaming to a more mainstream audience with his outgoing and family-friendly personality.

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