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After we said goodbye to Newbee, another team would be departing from The International 2019 when Mineski and Team Secret met in the lower bracket.

Being dominant in the Dota 2 Pro Circuit this season was not enough to keep Secret from falling to an extremely powerful Evil Geniuses in the upper bracket just yesterday, and as such they would need to bravely traverse the lower bracket. Their opponents were the final remaining hope for Southeast Asia that had made a valiant stand to come this far – although many believed that they were the weakest of the SEA teams.

In game one it seemed as though Mineski had Secret on the ropes, pushing them back at every turn and ensuring that they had Yeik ‘MidOne’ Nai Zheng’s Meepo under control. As the game progressed, the SEA squad were all over Secret, reducing their base to ruin and claiming mega creeps – but the “never give up” attitude of Secret came out and after taking one team fight in their base, they pushed down mid and made the most amazing comeback.

With such an unexpected turnaround, a demoralised Mineski were what we expected to see coming out in game two, but the SEA squad were far from it. Once again, they took complete control of the game, trying their best to avoid the same mistakes they made before. For a long period it looked as though that is exactly what was going to happen when Secret managed to constantly win fights. But this time Mineski did not let things slip away, powering through and taking the game to tie the series.

Game three was a much different affair than the previous two as it was Secret this time that took the early control, running over Mineski at every turn. But on this occasion it was the Southeast Asians who had the opportunity for a massive turnaround – which came near the half hour mark.

But this was not enough to keep Mineski in the game and in just under 50 minutes, Team Secret were able to hold on and eliminate the final hope for SEA from The International 2019. Secret now move forward to face Infamous in the next round of the lower bracket.

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