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‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

There are a lot of things to point out here so I’ll do it in separate blogs. The first is if xQc should have been released from the team. I’ll go ahead and say yes. This has nothing to do with him personally and more about him as a player. Whether or not you agree with the suspension for the emote, the fact is clear. xQc is a thunder rod for criticism. As a streamer and personality he is skirting the edge in Overwatch League and I’d argue in any other esport I think this would be great for a team. The problem in OWL is that he’s getting suspended which is messing up the entire team.


The emote was the camel that broke the straws back. Think about it from the Fuel’s perspective. They bent over backwards, basically gave up Stage 1 to try to get this guy into the team. He has now been suspended for an emote. xQc is an active streamer and so he must interact with twitch chat and so he will always be a liability as typing an emote is now his threshold he cannot cross. Fuel need a consistent team to build around and without a main tank, they can’t even start. Unless the Fuel could somehow change the entire culture around OWL, the reality was he had to go at this point.

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