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With the Second Wind, Ellie Overwatch situation getting larger, I decided to put up a basic timeline of things that have occurred thus far.


On Dec. 21, Second Wind Announced that Ellie was joining the team.


Ellie played for the team from Dec. 22 to Jan. 2nd. On Jan. 2nd, Second Wind announced on twitter that Ellie was leaving the team due to unforeseen circumstances.


On the same dad, the Second Wind Owner, Justin Hughes came out with the statement that the harassment and pressure from being a symbol had been too much for Ellie.


On Jan. 4, Aspen an Overwatch Streamer for Cloud9 said on stream that it was a fake. That someone named Punisher decided to do it for a social experiment.


Later the same day, Slasher tweeted that their was to be a meeting between Blizzard and Second Wind players about the matter:


Finally, Jayne streamed his thoughts on the matter about why he thought the social experiment took place.


Timeline in Bullet Form:

  • Dec. 21 – Ellie Joins Second Wind
  • Jan. 2nd – Ellie leaves Second Win
  • Jan. 4 – Aspen reveals that Ellie was someone named Punisher
  • Jan. 4 – Slasher tweets that Ellie has informed the teammates that she wasn’t the one playing. Blizzard are set to meet with Second Wind.

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