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Blizzard has officially announced Overwatch 2 and even provided some cinematic and in-game footage of the title.

The sequel to Overwatch was revealed as part of the opening ceremonies for BlizzCon 2019. This game is looking to take a different approach to its predecessor, however, with a bigger focus on PvE and lore rather than PvP.

While Overwatch has occasionally had limited time co-op events, Overwatch 2 will be focused on a story that sends players on missions, customization, and more.

Yeah, you read that right – customization. The Heroes of Overwatch will feature progression involving levels and talents that change the way their abilities work as they move further along. One example of this is upon reaching level 10, Tracer can use the “Flash” talent which enables her blink to damage opponents that she passes through with the ability.

Rio de Janeiro is one of the four-player story missions currently available to play for those at BlizzCon 2019.

PvP isn’t left to the wayside though as a new game mode titled “Push” will be making its way into the game. In what is basically a tug-of-war, each team can take control of a massive robot pushing an objective in one direction or the other.

While no release date has been revealed at this time, we do know that all Overwatch 2 maps, PvP modes, and maps will be available to Overwatch players upon release. The redone graphics and PvE features look to be exclusive to the new title, however.

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