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Over the weekend, Daigo held the Kemononichi showmatch. Among the various matches played was Daigo vs Tokido. This was an interesting set as Tokido is one of the best SFV players right now. On the other hand, Daigo doesn’t have any of the same tournament results in comparison. However this was a first to 10.


To give context, a majority of Street Fighter tournaments have to run double elimination bo3 into a bo5 playoff bracket. The reason is because of time constraints and the amount of players you have to go through as nearly every FGC tournaments is open bracket. However that format doesn’t necessarily give you the best player.


When it comes to giving preparation time and having a long set, Daigo is still considered the best in the world. Someone who can both prepare for and adapt to what the other opponent is coming from. This is something that Tokido recognizes and is why despite having better tournament results, was keen to prove he could beat Daigo here.


It didn’t happen as Daigo won the set 10-5 and even though Tokido has had the much better 2018 season thus far, one has to ask the question “What does it mean to be strong?” For Tokido, he believed if he could defeat Daigo here, he could maybe find that answer and that’s why be broke down crying. The road to self improvement is endless and the question of what it means to be strong is something that marks everyone in a competitive discipline.


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