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Maybe you’ve seen it, maybe you haven’t. Here, take a look.

Make no mistake, you are seeing exactly what you are seeing. Five players from’s Dota 2 standing behind what appears to be a female with the caption, “Who’s gonna ‘ride’ the Mercedes this year?” With an emphasis on the word “ride,” we know exactly what this wanna be meme is trying to say:

There is zero other way to interpret the tweet. The female sitting on a couch with a Mercedes-Benz logo covering her face. She is the sexual prize, the “ride.”

I don’t think there are strong enough words in the English language for how wrong this is. As a father of a young daughter and a coach of females for the past 28 years, I am more than disgusted, in fact, I’m angry. The red-hot, almost can’t see straight type of angry.

I get it, esports is supposed to be edgy, filled with memes and trash talk which creates a lot of drama and entertainment people like to watch and read about.

This is over the line. The vile tweet of pure disrespect and sexism is not a meme and has no place in esports. None.

I am not the type that usually advocates for the dismissal of employees or boycotts places because of political views or mistakes, but the reality here is that going from the person that thought the tweet was a good idea to the person that tweeted it, they all need to be reprimanded and probably fired. Not one person in the chain of this tweet stopped and thought about how this is simply hurtful to women?, wtf is wrong with you and your staff?

Right now, somebody over there better be working on an apology. Big time, and even that may not be enough. You fucked up, you are going to have to go the length of the field in this one. Sensitivity training for EVERY person in the organization coupled with a comprehensive plan of how you will combat future behavior is a must. Time to break out your checkbook and make a donation to a women’s shelter. And still this will not absolve you from this attack you have perpetrated on women.

Those five Dota 2 players you just libeled with that picture, which I am sure they had no knowledge, is so off the charts wrong. You just fucking attached the stigma of sexism to five players that probably had no idea they would be used in such a way.

All five should quit and look to see if there is a libel lawsuit that can be brought against you. This is as unforgivable as it gets.

ESL has to stand up to this. They need to demand that whoever did this will be banned from the current event. Mercedes-Benz should probably demand an apology, a retraction, and also look to see if their brand has been damaged.

This one tweet will be a spark that creates the biggest firestorm you have ever seen and I don’t think you have enough firemen to put this one out.

WTF is wrong with you?



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