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On the evening of July 2nd, 2020, thousands across the world were stunned into silence and tears to hear that Byron ‘Reckful’ Bernstein had passed away – and across Twitter, thousands were seen sending their love to the famous streamer.

There are few in the gaming community who do not know who Reckful is – from the older generation of World of Warcraft players to Hearthstone fans and thousands across the entirety of the Twitch community, Reckful touched many lives across the globe. As a WoW player, Reckful was once counted amongst the world’s elite and the exact same can be said for Hearthstone. But over and far beyond that, Reckful was a personality that really brought joy to those who watched him. Below you can see just what he meant to the entire world in just a few Tweets – including words from people like Asmongold, Sodapoppin, Arteezy, Rich Campbell and thousands more not shown here.

These Tweets are not the only thing that showed the love for Reckful as across the entire World of Warcraft community, players moved to the Stormwind Cathedral and gathered in massive numbers to pay their respects. Servers such as Argent Dawn in Europe, Moonguard in NA and many others all had thousands of players line up and kneel down in a silent homage to the lost player. Below are some images from both Argent Dawn and Ravencrest as well as others taken from Twitter. According to reports, the Argent Dawn server eventually crashed due to the sheer amount of people coming to show their love.

Oddly enough, Reckful was permanently banned from WoW some time ago due to an account sharing incident but there seems to be a massive outcry from the community for Blizzard to add a shrine or memorial to him in the form of the PVP vendor for the upcoming Shadowlands expansion as well as unbanning his rogue so that players can view it in the Armory once again. Reckful’s lasting legacy will be Everland, a game that he was looking to release this year which encapsulates everything which he enjoyed and stood for.

All that aside, Reckful will be missed by an entire community across the world –

Rest in Peace, legend.

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