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There’s been an upset in the Razer Southeast Asia Invitational! Bren Esports, a top Mobile Legends: Bang Bang team from the Philippines, has suffered a loss at the hands of Vietnams Vec Fantasy Main.

The best-of-three series would go the way of the Vietnamese team 2-0 with the squad thoroughly impressing spectators in their takedown. While Bren Esports did manage to drag the first game out to 20 minutes, they were unable to overcome their lack of a tank in the composition. A great game from TruongTrinh, Hide, and Broly saw Vec Fantasy Main pull ahead 1-0.

Even with Bren Esports pulling out the tank in game two, it wasn’t enough. Vec Fantasy Main made even easier work of the Philippine side, finishing the game in 14 minutes and taking the series 2-0.

The top performers game 1:

  • TruongTrinh (Khufra): 4 kills, 11 assists, 3 deaths.
  • Broly (Kimmy): 8 kills, 6 assists, 1 death.
  • Hide (Pharsa): 2 kills, 12 assists, 1 death.

The top performers game 2:

  • Broly (Claude): 7 kills, 8 assists, 0 deaths.
  • Hide (Pharsa): 1 kill, 12 assists, 0 deaths.
  • TruongTrinh: 3 kills, 9 assists, 1 death.

Bren Esports aren’t out of it yet, however, as a victory over Myanmar’s Yangon Galacticos in the lower bracket finals would set them up for a rematch against Vec Fantasy Main.

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