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BREN Esports has set up the rematch against Vietnam’s Vec Fantasy Main after decimating Myanmar’s Yangon Galacticos in the lower bracket finals 2-0.

The first map was a tough won for the Myanmar team as KarlTzy (Hayabusa) and Pheww (Pharsa) helped guide a dominant run to take the 1-0 lead.

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Things wouldn’t get any better in game two either as there was clearly a fire lit beneath BREN Esports. FlapTzy had a ridiculous nine kills, six assists, and two deaths while KarlTzy wasn’t too far behind with seven kills, eight assists, and two deaths himself.

The best-of-five between Vec Fantasy Main tomorrow should be a good one as the Vietnamese team was able to sweep BREN Esports in yesterdays matchup, a result that came as a shock to many.

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