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The Spirit Blossom Festival, detailed: New Decks, Event Pass and New Rewards

Riot Games have finally announced the details of the long-awaited Spirit Blossom Festival in Legends of this video, the company

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Since its official release, Legends of Runeterra has struggled to create a diverse, competitive, and balanced meta. That is why

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The Season of Fortune in Legends of Runeterra has a new version with Patch 1.5, that contains a couple of

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For the first time ever, Legends of Runeterra Singleton Gauntlet mode opens today and will be available until Monday. The special

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The long-awaited Patch 1.4 is finally here, the biggest and most important version of Legends of Runeterra we have ever

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Patch 1.4 arrives on Tuesday 23rd with some balance changes, a new mode, and the start of the Season of

The three decks that won the latest Duels of Runeterra SEA tournament

The second ever Duels of Runeterra SEA tournament happened over the weekend, crowning Ronald as the new champion. The event