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Team Liquid’s Kim “Olleh” Joo-sung faced criticism for his performance at the 2018 Mid-Season Invitational and lack of consistency in the Summer Split, but he never let that get him down. After perhaps the hardest split of his career, Olleh performed when it counted and came out on top with Team Liquid at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California for his second straight NA LCS title

We caught up with TL Olleh following his finals victory to discuss his finals experience, his fans, and the upcoming World Championship.

You’ve already won a title, but that was in front of a small crowd. How did it feel to win in front of a bigger crowd at a large venue like the Oracle Arena?

I think, this time I felt kind of weird because I didn’t get any nerves. I was like ‘Wow, I feel so great.’ I felt like I was getting adrenaline. I was really happy because I was sure we were going to win. All of the people cheered for us and watched our games so I just enjoyed it a lot.

What did you think of the fans in Oakland?

Before, when we went to the stage, everyone was cheering and yelling for us. They were so great and some of the best fans I ever met! I really appreciated them.

Someone mentioned your Brazilian and LMS fans during the press conference. Do you have anything to say to them about your win?

Brazilian fans always cheer for me. I always want to travel to Brazil and meet my fans, but I haven’t had the chance. Last few years, I went to Taiwan, met some fans and ate some hotpot. I really appreciate those fans because even though I lost and didn’t go to World Championship for LMS and Brazil, they still cheer for me. This time, I will do my best and say ‘Thank you’ to them at Worlds.

Which supports do you want to play the most against at Worlds?

First, it has to be Mata because I’m from KT and he’s on KT.

Secondly, it has to be SwordArt. I faced him a lot when I was in LMS. Sometime I met him and sometime he beat me, but we kind of knew each other like ‘Oh, SwordArt is good at this. Oh, Olleh is good at this.’ We knew each other well. At MSI… actually I am 1-0 because Joey played the first game. I’m undefeated so in the World Championship, I will do my best to defeat SwordArt again. (Laughs)

Third, maybe, I think Ming, Uzi’s support. We were 1-1 at MSI, so this time I want to 2-0 or 3-0. I will do my best to do that.

The World Championship is in Korea and obviously you’re from Korea. What does it mean to be able to compete in your home country?

My parents have actually never watched my games in-person. So, I want to get some tickets for them to watch my game with the huge crowd. I want to win for them of course so I am looking forward to bringing my parents.

Do you think there’s anything you’ll show your teammates in Korea since you’ll be there for a long time?

I will bring them some nice food or maybe bring them to a nice club in Korea. There are so many famous Korean clubs. I will try to find something for them.

When you played in Korea, you didn’t play for very long, but you still have some Korean fans. Do you think this is a good opportunity to connect with Korean fans?

I think, if I do well at the World Championship, I’ll have chances to do interviews and of course I’m going to speak in Korean and say fun stuff for them. I can talk about NA stuff that only I know since no one there really knows about NA that much.

Doublelift earned another title today and he finally won the MVP. How do you feel about your bot lane partner’s success?

I’m the first support that gave him MVP! I think support actually can’t be shy next to the greatest AD carry. My job is literally to support. I support to get him ahead, to get him really good awards, and to bring him success. Whenever he gets something, I’m there behind him even if people don’t notice. I’m there to get him further.

Lastly, any words for the TL fans that stayed positive and believed in you, even when times were tough?

Actually, people were worried about me because of MSI, but I really reformed myself a lot. This time, I don’t want to just say something and not prove it. This time, I will prove that I really worked on my problem and that everyone can lean on me. Everyone knows my story — I was struggling, but then I changed a lot. I want them to watch my story and feel hope.

Photo: (Lolesports)

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