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Gold funneling has become a major issue within League of Legends. In case you don’t know what it is – it’s when a team decides to force all the gold intake into one champion, thus funneling the teams economy into one role. Often times this is done with a jungler. While nerfs on this have been pushed on this within Summoners Rift, it’s the Twisted Treeline that is looking for a bit of help.

Meddler chatted in his recent Quick Gameplay Thoughts about Twisted Treeline (TT) and said, “8.15’s a possibility however, and to help us understand whether we should add the gold funneling penalty would be great to get a bunch of feedback from you folks.”

Specifically, Meddler is looking for three things from the community.

  • A clear for or against position on the gold funneling penalty on TT
  • Some context on how much TT you’ve played and when (links to match history, boards posts with longer thoughts as potential examples)

“To explain the second point one concern we’ve got is that when we talk about gold funneling on TT a lot of voices in the discussion seem to be well meaning people who don’t actually play TT. Intent there seems to be good, but we’re particularly looking for feedback from people with a lot of experience on the map since their experience will change the most with any changes we make.” Read: Don’t chime in unless you’re a vet of TT. 

According to Meddler, the reason nerfs haven’t hit TT as quick is because of the major effect it’s had on the game mode for quite some time. “Our standard approach is to have systemic changes like this affect all maps by default. In this case though given gold funneling’s been pretty meta defining on TT for a long time we weren’t confident in our understanding of whether abruptly changing that would be a good idea or not.”

What do you think of gold funneling? Is it something League of Legends needs to further tinker with or should they just leave it alone? Let us know your thoughts over on our Twitter or hit us up on our Facebook page!

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