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LEC Spring Split champions G2 Esports might have to attend the 2019 Mid-Season Invitational without their primary support. In a long Instagram post, Mihael “Mikyx” Mehle said that his wrist injury might keep him from the big international brawl coming May 1.

“I’ve always really wanted to play MSI and play all other top teams from the other regions, but right now I’m not so sure if that is gonna be possible given that I’m still very much restricted due to the injury,” Mikyx wrote. “The healing and recovery takes priority, but I’m gonna give it my all nonetheless.”

News about Mikyx recurring wrist injury broke last month, after G2 head coach Fabian “GrabbZ” Lohmann said that the player “has been living with pain in his wrists/arms for a long time”, elaborating that the pain had become more severe as of late. While visiting specialists for treatment, Mikyx was replaced on the starting roster Hampus “promisq” Mikael Abrahamsson, who played in G2’s last two games of the regular season.

Mikyx returned to active duty for the LEC playoffs and helped his team to a sweeping championship run to qualify G2 for MSI 2019. By hoisting the trophy, however, Mikyx got to reflect on the grueling practice schedule and that victory might have come at a heavy cost.

“Should I have taken breaks? Or was the lack of breaks what put me on this stage today? Thinking of that kinda made me tear up and I kept telling myself not to cry. I was just trying to hold it together during the post game interview, not sure if I succeeded.”

If G2 have to attend MSI without Mikyx, that could potentially hurt their chances for a championship run. Promisq played only two games with G2 in the regular season, both losses. With MSI just 10 days away, there might not even be enough time for him and Luka “Perkz” Perković to form a bond and synergy strong enough to take down the best bot lane duos in the world.

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