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Photo by: LCK Flickr

Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon is the best mid laner in LCK Spring 2019. The Griffin player proved it again today as his team slapped around dynasty org SK Telecom to get their fifth 2-0 of the season.

The thing about Chovy is he doesn’t die. In his first eight games, he died only once and was marching towards a League of Legends record: the first player to score 100 KDA this season. Given Griffin’s current form, pundits expected this to happen soon.

Who would’ve thought it would be against SKT of all teams? Yes, the three-times world champions weren’t in their best shape in 2018 (to say the least), but they rebuilt into a super team in the off season. Of all the old, proud LCK franchises, SKT were the only ones doing well. Even if they didn’t win against Griffin, they at least take a game off them or make Chovy’s job difficult. After all, it was Faker in the mid lane.

They didn’t. Game 1 was so one-sided, that SKT didn’t even get a single kill. Park “Griffin” Do-hyeon’s Kai’sa was the start of the show, getting the majority of the kills, with Chovy pumping up his KDA score through assists.

Since Chovy still needed a strong game to reach his 100 KDA, he shaped up on Galio in game 2 and by minute 15 he was 3/0/3. 10 minutes later, he was 5/0/9. His KDA score sat on 44/1/60, or 104/1 total. He was still refusing to die.

This is an amazing record by a single player, especially because it’s done so early in the season. But even then it’s not something extraordinary for Chovy. In Summer 2018, the Griffin midlaner finished with a 9.1 KDA Ratio, scoring 281/31 over 33 games. The player right behind him was Afreeca Freecs’ Lee “Kuro” Seo-haeng with 5.1 KDA Ratio and 336/66 over 46 games — 13 more than Chovy ever played.

It’s unlikely that Chovy’s non-dying streak will continue for much longer, especially with Griffin’s next opponent in SANDBOX Gaming. Even than, when is the last time you saw a KDA Ratio of 104?

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