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Enter The Controversy

One of the biggest controversies as of late in League of Legends is the character model of Kai’Sa, League’s newest champion. Specifically, fans of the game are going after Riot for over sexualizing the female character. On a recent “Ask Riot“, REAV3, the Lead Producer of Champions at Riot Games addressed the issue and said, “We’ll be the first to admit that Kai’Sa’s neckline didn’t land well with players and that it made her look unnecessarily sexualized, even if it that wasn’t the intention.”

What’s The Problem?

When you look at the photo of Kai’Sa, the obvious matter at hand is the deep neckline in her suit. This wasn’t the plan at first according to REAV3 and said, “Early on, Kai’Sa didn’t have a deep neckline. When we got her in game, we realized her dark hair combined with the suit made her look more ‘Void creature or corrupted human’ than ‘normal person wearing a Void-suit,’ particularly because the human skin showing on her face was small onscreen and difficult to read from the in-game camera.”

Defining The Corrupted Human

So now that the problem has been identified as not being able to tell if Kai’Sa is a Void creature that’s been corrupted as a human or a human that’s just wearing a Void suit, the artists went to work and discovered that only one thing was able to create a clear cut definition of what Kai’Sa actually is. “One that worked well was redesigning her neckline so you could see her human skin more clearly when her mask was off,” said REAV3. “With this change, more playtesters interpreted Kai’Sa as being a human wearing a suit rather than a human who was corrupted.”

While the community is still (a bit) outraged, Riot has come out with a clean sheet and explained why they created Kai’Sa’s model the way they did. At the end of the day, transparency is all you can ask for with a video game developer and Riot has provided that with their explanation here.


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