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When you think about it, League of Legends isn’t a graphically intensive game. However, when you crank the video settings as high as they go, the game does look quite beautiful. From the ability animations right down to how the brush moves when your champion goes through it, League of Legends can be downright gorgeous (minus the toxic players).

However, there is only a cap to just how high you can view League of Legends matches. Riot recently installed new equipment to handle 1080p60 gameplay. This means that if you have the monitor and graphics card able to do this, you’ll be able to see League of Legends in the highest quality possible.

For now…

During an “Ask Riot” segment, a fan asked if there were plans to have competitive League of Legends broadcast at a higher resolution such as 2k or 4k. Biomajor, the Global Head of Esports Content said, “High-res broadcasts—YES! Absolutely on our road map, but it’s a little complicated and there are a few things to consider. First topic is bitrate versus resolution, and each have important roles in contributing to viewing experience. We live in an exclusively digital world, so the total bits/second is really important because it relates directly to the perceived crispness and detail of the Rift, especially during constant complex motion and champion ability particle effects.”

High-res broadcasts—YES! Absolutely on our road map

That being said, Riot is being realistic with making expectations for viewers. Biomajor said, “We’d love to kick it up to 4k but there are a bunch of serious considerations. First is that the game itself is not natively in 4k, so we’d be up-converting from the start. We are investigating higher-res options but they’re not native yet. Second, without sufficient bitrate from YouTube and Twitch, there would be a huge 4k frame but look like a big mess. 4k also requires 4x the bandwidth to send to you at home and a lot more onsite with the number of cameras we have. Finally it also requires an overhaul of our control room switcher and equipment.”

If you’re a fan of the game, you shouldn’t have to wait too long. With the growing demand for 2k and 4k broadcasts across several streaming platforms, Riot Games knows better than to leave themselves in the dark.


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