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The American Video Game League (AVGL) and DreamHack have announced the Collegiate League of Legends Tournament. The top two teams will travel to DreamHack Austin to play on the Main Stage.

The tournament will begin with an online qualifier beginning on March 30th. Teams will be split into groups of “~8” teams. Then a round-robin format will occur throughout the group stage where the top two teams from each group will enter the playoff stages of the tournament. The top teams will be determined by overall match score. The playoff stage will feature a single elimination bracket that will narrow down the competition two just two teams.

Each of the two teams will then be given $1500 for flights/transportation while the hotel will be covered. The finalists will also receive 3-day tickets for DreamHack Austin on June 1st-3rd.  Not only will that be taken care of for them, the finals will be played on the Main Stage at DreamHack Austin and streamed on as well as

When signing up, teams are allowed to have a maximum of seven players. Coaches are also allowed but with special rules. If the coach is not a student, they cannot play in a match. If they are a student, they must be on the roster as a substitute.

Here are the important dates you need to know:

Registration ends on March 23rd, 11:59pm EST.

  • Group Stage Dates:
    • March 30th
    • April 1st
    • April 6th
    • April 8th
    • April 13th
    • April 15th
    • April 20th
  • Playoff Match Dates:
    • April 28th
    • April 29th
  • Grand Finals
    • June 3rd at DreamHack Austin

For more information on the tournament, click here!

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