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KT Rolster head coach Oh “ZanDarC” Chang-jong has resigned from the position on the team, Naver reported Friday. This ends a seven-year-long stint with the organization, during which time KT became one of the marquee franchises in the LCK.

Despite historic success and being the rival to SK Telecom in the famous Telecom wars, KT Rolster have struggled in 2019, hitting their lowest performance point in history. Not only did KT miss the playoffs in Spring, but placed bottom two and were in danger from being relegated out of the LCK. The same scenario almost repeated in Summer, but KT just barely finished as the third lowest team — just outside the relegation placements.

Seeing the head coach resign after a disastrous year is no surprise. Before 2019, the KT under ZanDarC also failed to delivered the desired results and international success with the 2017-2018 super team (Smeb, Score, PawN, Deft, Mata), failing to qualify for Worlds 2017 and facing quarterfinal elimination at Worlds 2018. KT brought only one domestic title in that period as well, despite having the strongest roster in the LCK on paper.

While results can hardly get any worse for KT in the next season, the growing pains of playing under new coach most certainly will mean at least another split of struggle. KT will also likely have to make a few roster changes in the season and return in 2020 with complete overhaul and seek to claim the success which young teams like Griffin, DAMWON, and SANDBOX have had in the past year.

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