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At the end of 2016, Karrigan blazed a trail open in the CS:GO competitive community as he forced an international team to the very heights of CS:GO competition. While international mixes had been done before, none were as disparate as what Karrigan managed to achieve with FaZe through all of it’s various iterations.


Since then, we’ve seen an explosion of international squads: Mouz, OpTic (briefly), BIG, Sprout, Rogue, and Imperial all come to mind. As these teams have formed and collapsed over the years, it’s clear that all of these international squads have been formed around the blueprint of what Karrigan did. Namely that their plan was to get as many skilled CS:GO players as possible and have them play around a basic tactical structure.


So while Karrigan has blazed the trail showing that international lineups can not only work in CS:GO, but succeed at the highest levels, the next step in the chain is to see if anyone can get a tactical international squad working. After all, tactics and communication are the natural disadvantages of having an international squad as the cultures and callouts of each region can be completely different.


As it stands currently, multiple international squads seem to have completely eschewed the tactical side of the game, which makes me wonder is a tactical international squad possible at the top level? For me, that will be one of the biggest questions I want to see answered going into 2019 as I think BIG finally have the pieces to match up against some of the best teams in the world and gob b, who is that kind of tactical in-game leader.

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