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The League of Legends European Championship has always had two kings that have been sharing the throne for almost a decade: Fnatic and G2 Esports.

These two teams have one of the biggest rivalries that this discipline has ever have. They have faced each other so many times that it is hard to remember who takes the lead in this titan fight, but now it seems like one of them, Fnatic, is struggling a lot to win the battle.

On week 7 of the LEC 2020 Summer Split, they both had a new chance to test themselves, and G2 Esports managed to draft a very aggressive composition that drove them to an overwhelming victory against their opponent.

For some reason, Fnatic left Volibear open, so G2 jungler Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski had no doubts about picking it. Also, one of the strongest AD Carry Champs, Caitlyn, together with Morgana, made the difference in the bot lane and joined forces to a very fed Camille and LeBlanc.

Fnatic, nevertheless, drafted a quite less powered and useful composition, and in the end, they could do nothing but watch how the eternal enemy crushed them… once again.

With this victory, G2 Esports won their 8th series in a row against Fnatic. Obviously, this calculation includes both Bo1 and Bo5 series, but it is important to notice that the last time that Fnatic won this particular battle was on the first round-robin of the 2019 Summer Split.

Here we can see a table with the scoring record in every game or series since G2 Esports came to the main stage (except both 2020 Summer Split matches):

31 - 21 en LEC
Scoring record G2 vs FNC

Currently, the total score is 32-21, and the gap between the two European kings is bigger than ever.

This comparison could have been made with any other teams in LEC, but these two are called kings for a reason: they have been the only teams winning the tournament since 2015!

After this weekend games, G2 Esports sums 7 victories in a row, and this is not the only argument to confirm that, currently, the throne has a single face… a ninja’s face.

The strongest reason to think that is reflected in the next table, that records who won the different splits of the European Championship before 2020

G2 Esports vs Fnatic: una rivalidad llena de curiosidades ...
LEC Champions record before 2020

After G2 Esports’ victory in the 2020 Spring Finals, both teams have been crowned 7 times.

With this comparison, they might look as equals, but it is important to notice that G2 Esports arrived at the big European stage in 2016, and played for the first time ever in that year’s Spring Split.

Since then, G2 Esports gathered their 7 crowns, but during the same period, Fnatic only managed to get 2, so we could say that the historic record between these two teams is now 7-2.

Nowadays, Fnatic and G2 Esports are having really poor performances in LEC Summer Split, and despite the League of Legends fans all around the world keep trusting them, and still think that they are some of the strongest candidates to win the tournament once again, their results are not very optimistic.

G2 Esports place 4th in the classification with a 8-7 record, and Fnatic shares the 5/6th position with Excel Esports, being 7-8. For now, they are qualified for Playoffs, but they don’t have it granted.

Every team below them have chances to qualify, so anything could happen from now. Three games are still to be played. G2 will face SK Gaming, Misfits Gaming, and Excel Esports next week. Fnatic will have their opportunity against Schalke 04, Excel Esports, and SK Gaming.

Apparently, both teams have an affordable schedule, and they shouldn’t have big problems to qualify to the next phase, but problems don’t end there: Mad Lions and Rogue, both currently sharing the first position in LEC, are showing a very consistent performance that will become a hard challenge for the two kings.

Actually, it is very possible that the throne receives a new king this year… but doesn’t matter if it finally happens, Fnatic vs G2 Esports will always be the classic European match.

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